Once Upon a Time in the city of Helsinki… market participants met to share thoughts and get newest input from the post trade world.

POST TRADE 360° is proud to present the first ever conference in Helsinki on the 30-31 October 2019. The number one post trade event concept in Scandinavia is finally arriving to Finnish market. 

We will discuss topics like post trade innovation, regulation, professional development and buy-side investment operations best practices.

See you there!


Thomas Peter Damgaard
Senior Analyst, Collateral Management, Danske Bank

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Göran Fors
Deputy Head of Investor Services, SEB

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Szu yang Ho
Principal Consultant, BAE Systems

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Mikael Haglund
CTO, IBM Sweden

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Sandra Holmqvist
Investor Services Sales, SEB

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Claus Hjort
Senior Team Leader, Securities Services, Markets CSD, Danske Bank

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Loren Lesko
Policy Officer, Financial Stability, Financial Services and Capital Markets Union, Financial Markets Infrastructure, European Commission

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Ainura Bizhanova
Head of Network Management & CM Partner Banks, Danske Bank

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Breakfast & Registration

Moderator's Opening Remarks

Göran Fors, Deputy Head of Investor Services, SEB

REGULATORY KEYNOTE: European Commission - What’s next in Post Trade

Loren Lesko, Policy Officer, Financial Stability, Financial Services and Capital Markets Union, Financial Markets Infrastructure, European Commission

TECHNOLOGY KEYNOTE: Hyperconnected Post Trade markets

In this session we will explore how new technology will change the future of post trade. How markets will be more tightly connected with one another and how the usage of cloud will significantly transform the business models of today.

Speaker to be confirmed

FIRESIDE CHAT: Post Trade Finnish market developments

Speaker to be confirmed


MARKET RESEARCH: An overview of the settlement rate statistics between Nordic countries

Speaker to be confirmed

KEYNOTE: A future for Clearing?

CentralCounterParty (CCP) clearers are part of the epicenter of financial market transformation; as driven by new regulations, merger attempts, Brexit, and new technologies. Short term-changes may be overestimated, whereas the impact of longer term trends are underestimated (such as the effects of new technologies and risk modelling approaches).

CCP-clearing was singled out as one of the pillars for a safer financial system, by the regulators that set-out to heal the sector in the wake of the financial crisis, but with the growth of CCPs comes also increased oversight and obligations. How have CCPs stepped up to their new responsibilities, and what remains to be done in the short to medium term, for them to be value-contributing financial market assurers?

Speaker to be confirmed

KEYNOTE: A view of the evolution of FS cyber attacks

This session will examine the hypothesis that cyber security attacks by Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) actors who have targeted SWIFT members over the past 24 months will evolve from payments and target areas further along the financial services value chain such as market infrastructures, FX and securities.

Szu yang Ho, Principal Consultant, BAE Systems



13:40 Session 1 - CASE STUDY: Simplifying automation in Danske Bank through tools and data insights

How  Danske Bank identifies and breaks down areas of processes and collecting appropriate data to be able to automate either through robotics or AI. 

 Thomas Peter Damgaard, Senior Analyst, Collateral Management, Danske Bank 

Claus Hjort, Senior Team Leader, Securities Services, Markets CSD, Danske Bank

14:00 Session 2 - CASE STUDY: Project UBIN - Secure settlement of tokenized assets in-between blockchains 

Learn about new avenues for blockchain to be leveraged for DvP across multiple asset classes. The ability to connect one ‘money chain’ to one ‘asset chain’ is crucial in being able to manage and settle both money and assets issued in different networks. This session will demonstrate the ability to connect different blockchains and seamlessly settle assets, even when managing different assets (money, bonds, equities, etc.), which will help create greater opportunities to empower innovation in the post-trade industry ahead. 

Speaker to be confirmed

14:20 Session 3 - CASE STUDY: ASX CHESS Replacement 

Speaker to be confirmed

14:40 Session 4 - KEYNOTE: Trade execution, custody and operations for digital assets

Speaker to be confirmed


13:40 Session 1 - KEYNOTE: An update of SRD 

Update on Shareholder rights directive II must be adopted nationally - Actual status of the implementation with a focus on the foreign shareholders access to participate and vote at General Meetings. Further more Issuers right to know their shareholders and shareholders right to receive meeting agendas and to obtain confirmation that votes have been cast at the general meeting will be covered.

Speaker to be confirmed

14:00 Session 2 - KEYNOTE: An update on CSDR 

The regulatory scene for the future competition among CSDs was set with the Regulation on Central Securities Depositories (CSDR) to promote cross-border settlement and support the internal market. This session will provide an overview of the main principles of CSDR, including an introduction to the arrangement between CSDs to facilitate transfer of securities between these (CSD links).Furthermore we will have a look at CSDR’s Settlement Discipline Regime which will enter into force in September 2020 effecting not only CSDs but in particular their participants. 

Speaker to be confirmed

14:20 Session 3 - PANEL DEBATE: CSDR Rules implications on CSDs and CCPs 

Moderator: Sandra Holmqvist, Investor Services Sales, SEB

Panelists to be confirmed

14:40 Session 4 - KEYNOTE: SFTR Implementing Technical Standards – ensuring effective systems and controls around transaction reporting

Speaker to be confirmed


PANEL: The changing role of the Network Manager

Moderator: Göran Fors, Deputy Head of Investor Services, SEB


Ainura Bizhanova, Head of Network Management & CM Partner Banks, Danske Bank

More panelists to be confirmed

KEYNOTE: The Future of Talent in Post Trade: workforce evolution in the digital era

Speaker to be confirmed

KEYNOTE: Quantum Computing overview for the financial industry

This session will present an overview of what Quantum Computers are, where they are in development, and how can they can come to be used in the financial industry, and some security implications. 

Mikael Haglund, CTO, IBM Sweden

End of Day1


KEYNOTE: Key regulatory challenges for the buy side from 2019 onwards

Speaker to be confirmed

CASE STUDY: Enabling a growth strategy through platform consolidation

Speaker to be confirmed


CASE STUDY: Reducing the Operational Risk and Complexity of Managing Alternative Assets

Speaker to be confirmed

CASE STUDY: Integrating ESG factors into the investment process

Speaker to be confirmed


PANEL: Bridging the gap between issuers and investors in ESG

Panelists to be confirmed

KEYNOTE: Eurosystem Collateral Management System with a Finnish Twist

Speaker to be confirmed


OUT-OF-THE-BOX: The importance of diversity and inclusion in financial services

This session will address the impact of equality, diversity and inclusion on business, business development and innovation. What can we do to gain access to the business benefits of diversity?

Speaker to be confirmed

Moderator's Closing Remarks & End of Conference


30-31 October
Fabianinkatu 14,
00100 Helsinki


COO, Head of Fund Operations, Head of Fund Administration, Head of Middle Office, Head of Risk, Head of Compliance, Head of Market Support, Head of Back Office, Legal Counsel, Head of Clearing & Settlement, Middle Office Manager, Risk Manager, Compliance Manager, Back Office Manager, Settlement Manager


800 EUR (including lunches, refreshments, documentation)
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